When comparing the before and after pictures here you can certainly see a difference that Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean has made in her hair. She obviously didn’t like the oily feeling it gave her the first few days, but this wasn’t evident in the pictures as far as one can tell. Her hair […]

A bad reputation, rather personal or professional can cost you a fortune. With the increased use of the internet, customers and clients are using the online forms and review boards to post about their experience with companies. Often times, if a customer or client is angry, or not happy with the level of service they […]

With 26 years, the Venezuelan seeks to conquer the Latin American market with her pop songs full of ideology, reggae and rock and roll, which in turn are an ode to romance, passion and daily effort. His real name is Soraya Martinez Luque Norka Dubrazka and is originally from Caracas. As a child she felt […]

The company is socialized in making the impossible look very much possible. IAP Worldwide is the leader in the provision of facilities management, global-scale logistics, technical, advanced and professional services. The company has more than two thousand employees that are located in more than twenty-five nations in the world. The company solves the private and […]

WEN shampoos and conditioners have been on the Sephora cosmetics market for a while, and the products feature natural oils and plant extracts. Wen promises to improve your hair’s health while getting rid of split ends and breakage, and several celebrities have endorsed the products as well. If you’re almost ready to become a Wen […]

Ski Resorts are a great way for vacationers to cool off in the summer months. This is where a lot of people are able to find activities that give people the chance to experience some things that they have never experienced before. That is the thrill of coming to Lake Tahoe. There is always something […]

Andy Wirth is currently the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Holdings in Lake Tahoe. He was appointed to this position several years ago. As the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley holdings, he has done a lot to ensure that the place becomes one of the best tourist attraction sites in the world. […]

Millennials Are So Happy (Living And Working) Together The generational change represented by Millenials has caused a cultural shift; co-living, as well as co-working have done away with the traditional work and home environments. These are community-oriented, structured, and shared concepts that not only appeal to the Millenials, they also have reworked the young professional […]